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2011 Legislation

My 2011 Legislation Summary

A list of my bills & resolutions passed this session:

Bill Signing
Senate bills:

  • SB11-203 Species Conservation Trust Fund (with Rep. Sonnenberg)
  • SB11-208 DOW-Parks Merger (with Rep. Sonnenberg)
  • SB11-028 Addition of a Judge in the 7th Judicial District (with Rep. Coram)
  • SB 11-267 2011 Forest Health Act (with Rep. Coram & Rep. Hamner)
  • SB11-090 Sunset Weather Modification Act of 1972 (with Rep. Baumgardner)

House bills:

  • HB11-1006 Regional Tourism Authority Boards (with Rep. Coram)
  • HB11-1198 PUC Recodify Motor Carrier Statutes (with Rep. Kerr)
  • HB11-1177 Healthy Rivers Check off Reauthorization (with Rep. Sonnenberg)
  • HB11-1159 License Grain Protein analyzers (with Rep. Coram)
  • HB11-1081 Liquid Petroleum Gas Vehicles Included for Incentives (with Rep. Brown)
  • HB11-1274 Water Conservation Board Construction Fund (with Rep. Sonnenberg)
  • HB11-1286 Clarify State Engineer Nontributary Rule Authority (with Rep. Sonnenberg)
  • HB11-1301 Higher Ed. Institution Efficiency (with Rep. Waller)


  • SJR11-018 Snowmass Ice Age Discovery (with Rep. Bradford)
  • HJR11-1011 National Agriculture Day (with Rep. Sonnenberg)
  • SJR11-008 4H-Day Resolution (with Rep. Todd)
  • HJR11-1008 Colorado Water Resources & Power Development Authority Water Projects (with Rep. Sonnenberg)
  • SJM11-002 Secure Rural Schools Act (with Sen. White & Rep. Wilson)
  • SJR11-044 Outdoor Day (with Rep. Jones)

To read any of these bills, or to access more information on the legislative process, click here, or type into your browser.

Caucus I especially want to thank my fellow caucus members for all of their hard work this session!